Friday Specials

Overland Park, Kansas

June 12th
Lunch: Jalapenos Fajita Bowl with meat (beef or chicken only), black beans, rice, lettuce, cheese, tomato, and queso fresco $12.00
Dinner: Nelly’s chicken platter with rice, beans, and tortillas $12.00

June 19th
Lunch: Beef Tostada, Soft Beef Taco with rice $8.95
Dinner: 2 Jalapeno Dip Crispy Taco Wraps (beef or chicken only) with beans and rice $11.95

June 26th
Lunch: Chicken Verde Burrito with Rice $8.50
Dinner: Chicken Verde Burrito with Rice $11.50


July 3rd
Lunch:  The Big Mex!  $7.95
Dinner:  Blackened Mahi Fajitas with tortillas, beans, and rice. $18.95

​July 10th
Lunch:  2 Taco Bravos with rice. $8.95
Dinner: Juana's Chicken Mexicana with beans and fideo. $14.95

July 17th
Lunch:  2 Grilled Pork Sliders with rice. $8.95
Dinner:  Jalapenos Taco Burrito. $11.00​

July 24th
Lunch:  1 Beef Tostada, 1 Soft Beef Taco with rice. $8.95
Dinner: Tamale Spread with rice. $13.95
(2 Tamales topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and queso)

July 31st
Lunch:  Chicken Verde Burrito with rice. $8.50
Dinner:  Chicken Verde Burrito with rice. $11.50